Undercovered Magazine is an open source media platform that empowers independent journalists to deliver information to a wider audience. Founded on March 20, 2018, our mission is to raise awareness of newsworthy issues that are often overlooked by corporate media outlets. To accomplish this, we invited several exclusive users to leverage our platform to give voice to undercovered issues.

Undercovered Magazine values diversity of opinion, honest reporting, social advocacy, and freedom of the press. Rather than deliver the same old mainstream media stories, we aim to publish main street news that affects your daily life. The articles and videos available on this website are the sole opinions of the exclusive users. We are simply the stem to their flowers.

Our founders have no corporate funders and are not lobbyists nor political consultants. We are a small business from humble roots with a goal of delivering a quality platform to activists who are going to make the world a better place. Every exclusive user of this website has committed to providing complete transparency regarding any connections they may have or candidates they support.

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