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To ensure a quality experience that will maximize your reach, we ask you to please adhere to the below guidelines:

  1. Provide at least one submission of original content per week. Consistency is key to maintaining and growing an audience. We ask that you regularly produce content to keep your following interested. This may include videos originally posted in a different location as long as they are embedded into an article with original writing. For example, if you are live streaming an event, write an introduction explaining where you are, what is going to happen in the video, and the purpose of filming the event. If you have a series of Facebook shares, Tweets, etc. covering an event in real time, repurpose that content into an article that summarizes the event and your response.
  2. Collaborate with your peers to ensure everyone is working on different topics. If you are working on a similar or same topic, try to coordinate a point vs. counterpoint effort. If you are working on the subject alone, try to include information from all points of view.
  3. All entries should be fact-based without unqualified assumptions that lead to conspiracy theories, reduce your credibility, or subject yourself to being considered “fake news.” Opinion editorials are welcome; unfounded speculation is not. Do not share unfounded “false flag” stories or “pizzagate” style conspiracy theories. You may discuss conspiracy theories if your point is to educate about the falsehood of a story or for satirical entertainment purposes. If you are breaking news, do your best to validate the authenticity of the information. Find sources who will authenticate the information and solicit a statement from the person or entity who is the subject of the story.
  4. Use reputable sources. Ain’t It Cool News, Conservative Tribune, InfoWars, Reddit, 4Chan, etc. are not legitimate sources. Consider who the author of an article is, what connections or bias they may have, and whether they may be funded by dark money. When in doubt, collaborate with your peers to determine if a source is trustworthy.
  5. Disclose your political or corporate connections. If you are reporting on a race or an issue for which you have direct connections or family members with direct connections, add a note disclosing those connections. For example, if you report on a Senate race while working as a consultant, volunteer, or staffer for a candidate in that race, tell your audience upfront. People value honesty.
  6. Issue timely corrections. If you discover an error in your article or video, issue a timely correction and/or retraction.