California Democrats have declined to endorse Senator Dianne Feinstein for another term, and neither has David Hildebrand. David is a corporate-free progressive candidate aiming to unseat her.

Hildebrand was a Staging Location Director for Sacramento for Bernie Sanders, and works as a Legislative Analyst for the State of California. Now he’s running for U.S. Senate to unseat a warhawk and DINO. Hildebrand is running with a truly progressive platform that includes Single Payer Healthcare, Criminal Justice Reform, a Public Bank, Rent Control, Campaign Finance Reform, and more. He’s traveled the state, advocated for the downtrodden, and has a great ground game.

Enjoy this interview where I have a candid conversation with Hildebrand about his beliefs, his resume, and his bright future in politics.

Watch this video, beginning to finish, on the issues facing California and the Country.

A short clip focusing on the differences between candidates running to unseat Dianne Feinstein. Please watch the entire clip. AN INSPIRING PLEDGE IS AT THE END.

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