Below is a list of recommended candidates that will be on the Orange County ballots for the 2018 California primary. Not all of these candidates are corporate-free progressives, however some are Democrats who are running against Republicans with no other viable alternative. Consider this the Vote Your Conscience voter guide.


US Senate: David Hildebrand (D) (I have personally volunteered for his campaign)


US Congress

CD 38: Linda Sanchez (D) (incumbent Democrat with only one challenger who is a Republican)

CD 39: Andy Thorburn (D)

CD 45: Kia Hamadanchy (D)

CD 46: Will Johnson (D)

CD 47: Alan Lowenthal (D) (incumbent Democrat with only two challengers who are Republican)

CD 48: Kevin Kensinger (I) (I have personally volunteered for his campaign)

CD 49: Doug Applegate (D)


State Constitutional Officers

Governor: Josh Jones (G)

Lieutenant Governor: Gayle McLaughlin (I)

Secretary of State: Ruben Major (D)

Controller: no endorsement

Treasurer: Vivek Viswanathan

Attorney General: Dave Jones (D)

Insurance Commissioner: Asif Mahmood (D)

Member, State Board of Equalization, 4th District: David Dodson (D) 


State Senator

SD 32: Vicky Santana (D)

SD 34: Jestin Samson (D)

SD 36: Marggie Castellano (D)


State Assembly

55th District: Gregg Fritchle (D)

65th District: Sharon Quirk-Silva (D)

68th District: Michelle Duman (D)

69th District: Tom Daly (D) appears to be running unopposed. We must do better in the future.

72nd District: Josh Lowenthal (D)

73rd District: Scott Rhinehart (D)

74th District: Cottie Petrie-Norris


School – State

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond (D)


School – County

Member, County Board of Education, Trustee Area 2: Matt Nguyen (D) (his opponent is taking charter school money)


County Supervisors

Supervisor, 2nd District: Brendon Perkins


County Assessor: Nathaniel Fernandez Epstein

District Attorney-Public Administrator: Brett Murdock

Sheriff-Coroner: Duke Nguyen


Propositions (text from Sacramento Bee)

68-Authorizes $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds for parks, natural resources protection, water quality and supply and flood protection.



69-This is a state constitutional amendment that requires certain revenues from the recently enacted fuel taxes and vehicle fees be used for transportation purposes only and prohibits the Legislature from diverting the funds for other purposes.



70-Requires a two-thirds vote from each house of the state Legislature to spend money from state greenhouse gas emission permits under the cap-and-trade program beginning in 2024.



71-Changes the state Constitution and sets the effective date for ballot measures approved by voters to five days after the Secretary of State certifies the results of the election.



72-Through a constitutional amendment, permits the Legislature to exclude new rain-capture systems from property tax reassessments.



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