Featured Photo Credit: CBC News

On inauguration day, January 20, 2017, President Trump signed his first executive order #13765, the Executive Order to Promote Healthcare Choice and Competition. His goal was to do everything legally possible to undermine the Affordable Care Act. What is resulting from that executive order is a looming healthcare crisis in which up to four million people who are covered now may lose their healthcare coverage.

In this live stream, I discuss three destructive things the Trump administration is doing under this executive order. This includes granting States with Medicaid Wavers, and deregulating the Short-term Limited Duration Insurance (STLDI) plans and the Association Health Plans (AHP) to make those plans more prevalent and destabilize the healthcare insurance market.

Find out what we are doing to fight back and how you can help.

ACTION ALERT: We need to contact our  State Assembly members and State Senators to pass SB-910 the Short-term limited duration health insurance bill.